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Spotted our tour bus?


T33MTL is ITAE Productions touring nightliner. T33MTL is  a 2001 BOVA FUTURA and has a long standing history in providing services to touring event crew. T33MTL was acquired by ITAE Productions in 2019 from Drew Wilson Coaches in Lanarkshire, initially baring the registration R9BRD the previous owner was Rock-bird bussing., part of Weaverly coaches based on Oxfordshire. 

We have traced back the history of the bus to Nova bussing based in Eastbourne, who initially converted the bus from a 52 seater to a 6 birth band bus. The bus underwent modification over the years leading to the 12 bunk beds on board today.

Over the years T33MTL has served touring artists including Rita Ora, Joules Holland & Leona Lewis to name a few. The bus has had various liveries, wrapped in blue, black, white, silver and even a carphone warehouse talk talk advertising. wrap

The bus was acquired by ITAE Productions to serve the first Murder Trial Live Tour, its common practice to place private plates on tour busses and we thought T33MTL was the closest match to The Murder Trial Live. The bus was wrapped in a black Murder Trial Live livery before going out on tour. The bus initially underwent a £10,000 internal refurbishment in July 2019 ahead of its first tour.

In October 2019 there was a small fire onboard , the bus was taken out of service and underwent a complete internal refurbishment, the coach was stripped, reconfigured and rewired with a new 240V power system, the seats were replaced with new carpets, lighting, sound system, kitchen, shower room and a full suite of new electrical appliances were installed.

T33MTL went out on a second tour of The Murder Trial Live which was later cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upon the easing of restrictions T33MTL was diverted to cover the anatomy dissection arm of the ITAE Groups business, the bus was rewrapped with its striking blue and white livery you see today.

You'll see T33MTL nationwide at schools, colleges, universities and other event venues supporting the delivery of our live human body dissection experience events. The bus is now the 'on-the-road' home to award winning human anatomist Samuel Piri who took on BBC Dragons' Den in 2018 securing investment from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones. Deborah Meaden has been onboard the bus for filming of BBC Dragons' Den Pitches' to Riches'. Sam and his event crew are on the road across the UK with a team of 6 onboard meaning there is plenty of space.

Following along behind you may spot our Mobile Biological Specimen Facility -a bright yellow van. This houses more event equipment as well as carries the dissection specimens. There are two beds and a bathroom in the sleeper van which also helps support the delivery of live events. 

Facilities onboard

  • Front lounge with TV & 4 seats

  • Front bunk alley of 6 beds

  • Centre kitchen area, fridges, tea/coffee machine, microwave, sink 

  • Toilet and shower room

  • Rear bunk alley of 6 beds

  • Rear lounge with TV, playstation, X-box and surround sound system

  • Electric blue night lights and privacy curtains

  • Night heater

  • Storage areas

  • Under-storage for event equipment  

Coach spotters use tag T33MTL and send us your pictures! Look out at coach parks and bus stands UK wide for us!


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