MEDICPLAYER is an online streaming service for any student or group of students looking to or currently studying courses in healthcare, medicine, sports and the wider biosciences. MEDICPLAYER has a specific shelf on the video wall full of programmes produced especially for undergraduate students.  Produced and filmed at ITAE Studios and on locations such as a variety of university labs and NHS trusts our award winning presenters  bring core concepts to life including anatomy & physiology and the basics of clinical care. All at undergraduate level 4, 5 & 6.



For 2020-2021 Operating Theatre Live is changing. In this revamped new series you'll step into the shoes of a real medical student. Come into the operating theatre with us to experience real surgery, learn how the organs function and boost your knowledge of how the human body works. An immersive point of view surgical experience like no other. 

  • Linked to all the main GCSE & A LEVEL exam specifications for students 14+

  • Exam question revision

  • Live dissection of real specimens

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths linked

  • Suitable for BTEC students too

  • Certificate for UCAS

  • Downloadable worksheet for revision

24HRS on the ward is a 24 part series offering students a fully certified medical work experience to supplement their application to medical school.


In each episode you will follow a doctor as they meet and treat a patient. In the episode you will be front and centre in controlling the patients clinical journey.


Learn the pillars of medical ethics, decision making in clinal practice and the process of diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Filmed in Birmingham with our real NHS doctors

  • Patient consent and approved for learning

  • Get a certificate for UCAS & Interview

Aimed at undergraduate students and current healthcare professionals at university or working in the NHS.

  • 4 hours of CPD every month

  • Real organ specimens

  • In-depth anatomy & physiology to level 4,5 & 6

  • Supporting diagrams to annotate

  • Clinical context and pathology references

  • Available ON DEMAND.

In a first-ever, we've been granted exclusive access to the human anatomy lab at the Robert Jones & Agnus Hunt NHS Hospital to undertake a filmed human cadaveric dissection.

In this eight-part series, we take you into the four main anatomical cavities that house the main organ systems. We learn how cadavers are prepared and stored for medical training before systematically working our way through a real human specimen to learn the wonders and anatomy & physiology.

This series has been filmed in conjunction with the Robert Jones & Agnus Hunt NHS Trust, full consent has been obtained from the donor, and the series produced according to the Human Tissue Licensing Authorities guidelines.

Med-soc is a new bi-weekly TV series pulling together all aspects of applying to medicine, if you need to know it for a career in medicine then we've got it covered. In each episode we explore all aspects of the application cycle including writing UCAS Personal Statements, Organising clinical work experience, how to choose a medical school, the different branches of medicine as well as interesting case studies such as medic updates, interview preparation and current affairs.

Historically, illustration has been absolutely fundamental to the study of anatomy.


Join our presenter Erin Barnes as she breaks complex anatomical diagrams down to basics, perfect for supplementing your revision notes.


Each episode she will be taking you through the key body structures as seen in Anatomy Lab Live so you'll be able to draw along, learning your anatomy along the way.

The University Clinical Aptitude Test or "UCAT" is a test university administrators use to assess prospective medical and dental student's aptitude for things like logic and attitude on ethical and moral dilemmas.


For many students, the UCAT is a daunting prospect, but with"Smash The UCAT" we help you get prepared for when you sit the exam.

Join our team of presenters as we take you through original practice questions through all five sections of the UCAT: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning andSituational Judgement. Not only this, but we will walk you through the answers and explain why they're correct. Smash the UCAT: Problem Solved.

Anatomy & physiology are core to our understanding of how the human body works, but what happens in extreme circumstances and what specifically causes clinical death? In this series of videos we recreate the post mortem of a number of subjects whom have died in a variety if ways. We explore the impact of extreme trauma on the organ systems and ultimately unpick the series of events that lead to their death. These are academic videos designed to apply scientific understanding  to a series of scenarios and feature the dissection of real organ specimens. Includes anatomy & physiology CPD certificates.